Tin Dusters weekend draws in crowds from all over

The Tin Dusters came in just about every color imaginable.

If you've been around downtown Quincy today, you've probably heard the familiar revving of engines from the Tin Dusters.

The popular weekend event has kicked off to a successful start.

The Tin Dusters rolled into Quincy in all shapes and colors.

Many of the drivers came from different areas of the country.

These three friends aren't strangers to the Tin Dusters weekend, and came from Nebraska to enjoy it all.

"Well I got turned on to it by this guy here. He came one year and told me what a great show it was, so we decided we'd come the next year, and we've been coming back here for the last I'd say four years and having a great time," said Randy Rohrs.

"You go in the stores and they're all so friendly and everything. It's just a blast. And the Tin Dusters do a great job. The money collected goes to the camp, which makes it all the better, because you know you're having a good time, and you're doing something that actually means something," Tom Plugge said.

"It's just a really good time, laid back and friendly place to be. With all the cars, you see cars here that you don't see back home, you know, it's a different atmosphere. It's just a great time," Dave Flies said.

The Tin Dusters weekend continues into Sunday with a final closing ceremony at Upper Moorman Park.

For more information, you can head to their website by clicking here.

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