Time for kids to head off to college

Time for kids to head off to college.

It's time to head back to school , college specifically.

John Wood Community College is gearing up for their second session of Children's College.

The children's classes are for grades kindergarten through sixth.

The students can learn about subjects ranging like radio with Sean Secrease.

"You get to learn how to use your instrument, your voice," Secrease said. "And you also get really a jump on kind of writing and thinking creatively. So those are all big advantages to doing something like that because we do a variety of things."

Students can also learn about babysitting with instructor Amanda Chavez.

"I think it's really important because a lot of times it's the first job that they have," said Chavez. "And it's really setting the pace for the rest of their working life, so just building them up in confidence."

Other classes deal with edible fun like fondant.

"Fondant is an alternate icing for cakes," said instructor Karen Wagner. "You usually put butter cream on first, a thin layer, and then you roll out this fondant really thin and you just put it over the cake, and it looks like a porcelain frosting."

But not all of the classes are in a classroom setting. Some of the classes take you outside into the elements and introduce you to new sports, like disc golf.

The disc golf class is also instructed by Secrease.

"Getting a little bit of exercise here and there, especially with kids is a great idea," Secrease said. "You might not think, 'Well you're just going out and throwing.' Well you're also walking probably a couple of miles while you play, throwing as well."

The instructors hope students are not only exposed to something new, but develop a passion for learning.

"When you teach other people to do things, you kind of break it down to the fundamentals," said Secrease. "I learn a lot from actually showing it to other people. So it's a lot of fun and it's got to be a game that's fun, because it's a game you're going to play for a lifetime. So seeing them have fun with it really kind of re-ignites that spark."

You can click here to visit the website to sign up for classes and view what else is offered during the sessions.