TIF district to impact city of Nauvoo

A historically and religiously significant town has seen businesses come and go in the past few years. But a new Tax Increment Financing District could help improve Nauvoo's infrastructure.

In addition, the tax money the TIF generates could offer incentives to new and existing businesses.

New sidewalks and roads, improved building facades, and incentives to bring in businesses sounds like the kind of change that any town would want to see. But for some residents of Nauvoo, the creation of the TIF district has left them with more questions than answers.

Beverly Reynolds, 3rd Ward Alderman, said, "Since I'm representing the people who voted for me in 3rd ward and the majority of them are against TIF for different reasons ... that's why I voted against TIF"

Reynolds has heard concerns from residents of her ward about possible tax increases because of the TIF, how the TIF will affect other tax funded entities and how the area of the TIF was selected including why the state park is included. Mayor John McCarty and City Assistant Nick Camberlango hope that explaining the TIF will help ease their concerns.

"We're like any other community in the state and like the smaller ones we're trying to come up with funding for projects and with the fact that the state is cutting back our funds we had to come up with other ways to raise some revenue. This one we feel is a way to use increased development to pay for future development," said John McMarty, Mayor of Nauvoo. "We had a meeting with all the taxing bodies, the fire department and the rest of them, nobody had really any concerns about it."

Nick Camberlango, City Assistant, said, "Our main goal when we designed the area was to look at infrastructure needs and also any future growth areas that might eventually need water or sewer lines. The parcels in the TIF have to be contiguous, they all have to touch. So in order to include all the areas we had to include the state park."

Portions of Quincy are currently designated as TIF districts, including areas around Washington Park and the civic center.