Tickle your sweet tooth with the Strawberry Festival

Thousands of people will be pouring into the town, all to celebrate a red little fruit.

If you're looking for something to do this weekend, you might want to take a drive to Farmington, Iowa.

Farmington is getting ready to host the 32nd Annual Strawberry Festival.

Thousands of people will be pouring into the town, all to celebrate a red little fruit.

"Farmington had their own strawberry farm," said organizer Rachael Denly. "It's kind of how it came about. It's no longer here, but we kept up with the tradition, it's something that everybody from a small town looks forward to. People that move away come back just for the Strawberry Festival."

After seeing a decline in people who wanted to help organize it, Denly got involved to make sure it didn't disappear.

"I have lived in Farmington my whole life, the Strawberry Festival is something I look forward to every year, since I was a little kid," Denly said. "Now, as I'm an adult, I still look forward to it. The arts council is who puts it on. In the last few years, it has not had as many member in the arts council. I did not want to see the Strawberry Festival go anywhere, it's the 32nd year, I hope to have 32 more years, so me and a couple of friends decided to join the arts council and help it continue to do all the fun things."

The family friendly event features something for everyone in your family, including your K9 friends.

One of the best parts of the event, Denly says is the free strawberries and ice cream

"We serve from 2pm to 4pm, both Saturday and Sunday," said Denly. "That brings in thousands of people, and who doesn't like strawberries and ice cream?"

It must be the weekend of the strawberry, as Saturday is also National Strawberry Shortcake Day.

You can click here to visit the festival's website for information regarding the event.