Thrifty finds for school can help others

More than likely, the first day outfit for the school year has already been picked out. If not, the Salvation Army Thrift Store may be able to help you stretch your dollar.

While you save money, you can also help someone in need.

"All the sales from the store here go to help the emergency shelter that we have on Fifth and Broadway and so you get a double whammy for getting something and giving to the community as well," Scott Andrews, Manager of the Salvation Army Thrift Store, said.

Andrews says the Quincy community and surrounding area are very generous.

Chris Taylor of ReConsumed4U says you can find a lot of brand name items as well as those vintage ones that are coming back into style.

"Colors, great prints, like I said kids jeans are really great, you can find some great brands that are quality and durable, and hold up well to knee scrapes, for the cost if they stain them, little colored marker or something breaks apart it'll be ok because it only cost a couple of bucks," Taylor said.

In addition to back to school clothes, you can also find home decor items.

"You can very easily fill a cart with things you need to either go back to school or give that maybe preteen who needs whose going from middle school to high school or something like that whose ready for that big boy or girl stage in their life," Taylor said.

Clothes, and decor for next to nothing and helping others at the same time, is a win for everyone.

The Salvation Army Thrift store is open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.