Three school consolidation: What's your vote?

A proposed plan to consolidate three Tri State school districts has one city resident concerned about there children's future.

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KHQA's Kristen Aguirre attended an informational meeting to see what parents were saying about the possible merge.

"I will be voting no on the primary date," John McCleery, a Bushnell/Prairie City school district parent said.

McCleery is against having his three kids potentially bussed to to another school outside the Bushnell/Prairie City district. Many parents share his concerns.

"We don't feel that it's necessary for us to consolidate at this point," John Oakmen, co-chair of the Vote No Committee said.

John Oakmen is on the "Vote No to Consolidate" committee that held an informational meeting opposing the merging of three school districts.

"We're going to tell the people tonight why we feel we shouldn't consolidate, we've got the facts and figures ready and prepared that we think prove that Bushnell/Prairie City does not need to consolidate with Avon and Abington," Oakmen said.

The three school districts have been working on the consolidation plan for three years. The final decision will be on March 20th when the public can cast their vote for or against the merger during the Illinois primary. Not everyone is committing to vote no.

Abington parent Desiree Malburg said she supports the proposal.

The consolidation plan came into play when the Avon school district saw a decline in student population and revenue. It currently has enough money to stay open for one more year. Still, some Bushnell parents are saying no to the merge.

"We just don't feel that our kids should be taken out of school when it's not our problem, this isn't our problem," Oakmen said.

In the proposed plan each school district will have it's own grade school, but junior high will be consolidated in Abington and the high school in Bushnell.

Bushnell residents who want to vote on the consolidation during the March 20 primaries need to be registered by Friday.