Three played "chicken" with train in Palmyra and lost

Photo of a BNSF train (actual train not pictured)

Two adult men and a juvenile face charges and may have to pay restitution fees for a game of "chicken" with a train in Palmyra, Missouri.

On July 25 at 11:30 p.m. a BNSF train was stopped by its conductor after he thought he hit someone on the tracks. The conductor flagged down officers with the Palmyra Police Department to tell them the impact took place just north of the Ross St. overpass.

The area was searched and the train was stopped for two hours, but in the end, no evidence was found of anyone being struck by the train.

On July 26, the Palmyra Police Department got an anonymous tip naming the three suspects that were possibly on the railroad tracks the previous night.

After some questioning, officers say all three individuals confessed to trespassing on railroad property and playing "chicken" with the train.

Police say one of the men was struck by the train and had minor injuries, but he did not seek medical attention.

The Palmyra Police Department says railroad police assisted in the investigation and are going to file charges on the individuals for tresspassing. They will also seek restitution for the train having to be stopped.

The two unnamed adults were released pending warrants from the Marion County Prosecuting Attorney's office and the juvenile was released and paperwork was sent to the Juvenile Justice Center.