Three-legged dog chugs back after train accident

Davie, the dog hit by a train

A Fort Madison dog is still alive after being struck by train.

The now three legged canine is recovering but needs your help.

KHQA's Kristen Aguirre went to visit the pup to see how his wounds are healing.

Davie is a Fort Madison dog, one leg short of being average.

After being struck by the train he had to undergo surgery to amputate a rear limb and a portion of his tail. But despite all his trauma Davie has been anything but aggressive.

"And his temperament was just so stoic and so wonderful," said Dr. Marlin Hentzel, owner and veterinarian at the Fort Madison Vet Clinic. "I said out of probably a thousand trauma cases as severe that Davie had had that he was in the top five percent of just saying 'hey please help me I want to be here for you.'"

Davie was accidentally discovered early by a neighbor shoveling snow. That man immediately contacted Dana Muller for help.

"My neighbor came over stating that he had found this dog by his mother's house huddled up on the patio in a pile of leaves trying to stay warm and as he came around the corner it startled the dog and he got up and then he saw that his leg was torn off from the hip and then my heart just broke," said Dana Muller, president of the Fort Madison PAW Pet Shelter.

Davie was quickly brought to the Fort Madison Vet Clinic where he received immediate medical attention. But with no owner coming forward PAW Pet Shelter is taking responsibility for the bills.

"Because we're looking at probably a thousand dollar vet bill that we at PAW Pet Shelter are responsible for," said Dana Muller. "So we have asked the public if anyone would care to donate towards his medical expenses."

Some donations or no donations, Dr. Hentzel is confident that Davie will make a full recovery and a perfect best friend.

"He was walking right after surgery," said Dr. Hentzel. "So we're pretty excited about Davie and I'm confident that he will be a great addition to some family just from what we have seen."

Davie is scheduled to go to PAW's next week where he will be ready for adoption.

If you are interested in adopting Davie, please call 319-372-2274 for an application. If you want to donate to his surgery fund, send your amount to Davie's Fund, P.O. Box 181, Fort Madison, IA 52627.

(Story by KHQA's Kristen Aguirre. Some original information contributed by the Fort Madison Daily Democrat managing editor Robin Delaney.)

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