Three GOP Illinois Gov. candidates visit Quincy

On Sunday, three of the four Republican candidates in the race to be the next Governor of Illinois stopped by Quincy.

In the final stretch before the Illinois gubernatorial primary, three of the four Republican candidates attended the Adams County Lincoln/Reagan Luncheon at the Quincy Senior Center. The event focused on determining which of the four candidates for Governor would best represent the Republican Party.

"We need a Governor who's willing to say like Reagan. No more large government. We need to lower taxes, a more efficient, more effective government, lower spending, and make the Illinois private sector work and give it opportunities," Illinois Sen. Bill Brady said.

"I'm the only candidate in this race that has a written plan to make us destinations economy for people that create jobs. As Governor Edwards's Chief of staff, I have proven that I can get a Democrat legislature to live within its means," Sen. Kirk Dillard said.

Dan Rutherford has pushed for fiscal discipline and a review of state programs.

Bruce Rauner did not attend.

The luncheon also aimed to build support and raise funds for the Republican Party.

Several other party members were in attendance, including U.S. Senate candidate Doug Truax. He says despite their disagreements, the Republican ticket can agree on one thing.

"Get more Republicans re-elected. I think that we're getting to a place now where we see that these policies, especially with Durbin and Reid and all these guys, they're a failure. They're a total failure," Truax said. "We got all this unemployment, all of this poverty, nothing's working."

Some believe all of the current officials have failed the state and people of Illinois.

Bob Grogan, whose attempting to become the first CPA State Treasurer of Illinois, he wants the Democratic party to have less influence over the states budget.

"Adams County, like the rest of the state, is suffering from the fact that the State of Illinois needs to get its act together and they've had a failure of leadership over the last particularly since this Governor has been in there," Grogan said.

With just a month remaining until the primary election, each candidate is ready to make a change.

"When you're ranked 50th in Economic Outlook in 2014, by two surveys you have failed. Pat Quinn has had the state's credit rating become the lowest in American," Dillard said.

All four candidates will face off in the primary election on March 18. The remaining Republican candidate will go on to face the incumbent Gov. Pat Quinn in the Illinois general election on Nov. 4th.