Threatening note found at Quincy Jr. High

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Another note was found at Quincy Junior High on Tuesday.Quincy Public Schools Superintendent Lonny Lemon said it was found after school in the girls' bathroom. He said the note contained, "no real specifics."

Lemon said the past threats have involved both uses of bombs and weapons. Administrators met with the police liaison after the latest note was found.

"We are safe and secure as we have been in the past," Lemon said.

According to a message sent to parents through the School Reach automated phone system, there will be a full security book bag search on Wednesday.

Students also can expect increased security indefinitely. The school building also is on high alert. Security conducted a full building search Tuesday night.

Adams County State's Attorney Jon Barnard warns everyone about the legal consequences of making this type of threat.

"Communicating a false bomb threat is a Class 3 Felony. That carries anywhere from two to five years in the Department of Corrections, as the most serious end of the penalty spectrum. So, it is no laughing matter. We will prosecute, and we have prosecuted people for this and will do so when the evidence supports it," Barnard said.

Parents with any information are asked to tell administrators as soon as possible.

"This is a safe place to learn, and we hope all students will attend school tomorrow," QJHS Principal Diane Glaub said.