Thousands attend Quincy's Kroc Center Grand Opening

Quincy's Kroc Center officially opens to the public Monday.

Sunday afternoon, thousands of people got a sneak peek at the facility during the Kroc's grand opening. Following a ribbon cutting ceremony, the public was invited to tour the building that's home to an aquatic center, worship and performing arts center, gym and daycare among other amenities.

"We think that once you see it, you're absolutely going to fall in love with this magnificent facility," said Major Dan Jennings, with the Quincy Salvation Army.

Sunday's crowd was all smiles as empty rooms never used before filled with future members.

"Oh, this is a wonderful building for Quincy and the Salvation Army. They do wonderful things for the community," said Quincy Resident Donald Cantrell.

"It's very telling that Quincy would be one of the 20 communities in our country, the only community of this size, and it says without equivocation, the only reason why this community's getting it, is because this community has its act together," said Rep. Aaron Schock.

Walking through the Kroc Center, you're bound to find something you like no matter your age.

"What's your favorite part?--The swimming pool.--Why--Because it's really big," said Taysha Orange.

"I saw the rock wall, the gym and the basketball place," said Abe Haerr.

"I think the Kroc Center was a great addition to Quincy, really, because there's the pool and the fitness center's for people 14 and older. I can't wait till I'm 14," said Andrea Billeter.

For much of the community, their wait is over.

"From the first time we ever thought about doing it to today, it's been about 7 years," said Major Jennings.

"I've been reading about it in the paper, and you had the original here and tore it down and put this up. It's wonderful," said Cantrell.

You can buy a membership on an annual or monthly basis. Prices range from $336 per year for an individual to $600 per year for a family. There will be some activities that will cost extra, for example the rock climbing wall. It's important to note that the Kroc Center is open to everyone. There's a worship center, multi purpose rooms and a food court. But to use all of the Kroc Center, you have to buy a membership. For additional information regarding memberships and membership sales, contact Angie Duerr at (855) 872-5762.