Third ward Town Hall meeting looking for resident input

From animal control problems to hydropower--those were just some of the topics brought up at Monday night's Third Ward Town Hall meeting at the Quincy Mall.

Residents in that part of the city had a chance to air their concerns to Aldermen Paul Havermale and Kyle Moore.

Voters had a lot of questions about the energy aggregation issue that will appear on the November ballot for Quincy residents.

"The city council adopted a resolution stating that the issue of energy aggregation will be placed on the November ballot," Moore said. "So the question before the voters in November is going to be if they want the city to have a third party pool their buying power together and negotiate a lower energy cost on their behalf."

The alderman said residents would need to opt out of the program if they don't want to participate in the energy aggregation plan.

The town hall meeting was an excellent opportunity for residents to help identify problems within the ward and gather input from residents to bring to the Quincy City Council.

Due to the observation of Columbus Day, Quincy City Council will meet on Tuesday, October 9th.

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