Third pet shot by arrow in the tri-states

Is a dangerous new pastime developing in our area? Another pet has been shot and seriously injured by an arrow.

This time it happened in Brown County, Illinois.

The Jacksonville Journal Courier reports that on the 21st of August, someone shot a arrow through the abdomen of a bloodhound.

The dog's owner found it near his home along a road southwest of Mt. Sterling.

The Mt. Sterling Veterinary Clinic treated and released the dog to its owner.

This is the third incident of a domesticated animal being shot by an arrow this month.

The first one was on August 5th when a cat named Junior was shot in the stomach in Hannibal.

Junior survived his attack, but another cat was not so lucky.

On August 21st a Clayton woman told police that her cat had been shot by an arrow.

Although the cat was taken to an animal hospital it has to be put down because of the severity of its injuries.

A Camp Point teenager, 19-year-old Braden Lung, was later arrested and charged with the crime.

If you have any information regarding the shooting in Brown County, please contact the Brown County Sheriff's Department at 217-773-2011.