Thieves pilfer Hannibal cemetery

Examples of cemetery vases stolen from a Hannibal cemetery

Police in Marion County are investigating a string of thefts from a Hannibal cemetery.

Nearly 30 vases made of bronze and copper were stolen from the Grand View Funeral Home and Burial Park.

Owner Doug Hosmer had suspicions that thefts were taking place, but then family members began to lodge complaints. He also received a call from the Marion County Sheriff's Office.

â??We're asking anybody that walks in our park that if they see anything unusual, get a license plate number of any vehicles they see in the park,â?? he said. â??We've also purchased a camera and we move that to different locations in the park. Hopefully to catch somebody in the act of taking them.â??

Local junkyards and scrap yards are asked not to purchase the vases and to contact the local police if they believe an item is suspicious.