There's something sweet at Underbrinks and it's not just the cakes

Leroy Rossmiller had no baking experience when he bought Underbrinks in 1990.

Have you ever heard the saying, "sweet as pie?"

Underbrinks Bakery employees say that's the perfect way to describe their boss.
But it's not because of the cakes and danishes he sells.

"Working with Leroy is just awesome, he's taught me so much here," Underbrinks baker, Beth Clingingsmith said.

Underbrinks was originally opened in 1929.

Leroy Rossmiller, a Quincy local with no baking experience took it over in 1990 when the bakery business wasn't looking so hot.

"It was kind of in its low spot when I got here and it took a few years to get it going and have the public aware that we were back in here and doing it," Rossmiller said. "Over the years its steadily built. To keep one old bakery still alive means something."

Rossmiller says now business is sweet. He credits the hard working employees for much of the success.

"They're a Motley Crew," Rossmiller said. "They're a great crew and everyone here has been here a while and they all buy into our dedication to quality. They're fun to have around."

His employees feel the same way.

"He just blows me away," Underbrinks employee, Cathy Platt said. "There's so many aspects of this that nobody knows and he knows every single aspect of it and he can teach you everything."

That support and admiration is why employees say, at Underbrinks they're more than just coworkers.

"It's like a little family here," Platt said. "You've got your brother, sisters, Leroy is the dad, he tells you what to do. It's really nice."

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