There's a new king in town

Michael Lawrence opened The Gadget King Repair shop on February 1st.

Between broken LCD screens, crashed hard drives or battery replacements, Michael Lawrence says he can repair it all on any device.

"Laptops, tablets, iPods, iPhones, any phone basically, gaming systems, I've done monitors before, computer monitors, TVs," Lawrence said.

"That's the big issue that I need to stop because people just kind of throw that stuff out," Lawrence said. "They're pretty distraught," Lawrence said. "They don't know what's wrong or what happened but it's not an issue, we can fix just about anything."

Lawrence recently opened up The Gadget King Repair Shop.

"I started working for a regional carrier here in town and dabbled in repairs as kind of a side project type thing," Lawrence said. "It really peaked my interest. I've always kind of tinkered with stuff so I just decided to move into that."

When the King repairs your broken device, he keeps it in his kingdom.

"It's all done right here, nothings sent away, the only thing that comes through the mail is your parts," Lawrence said.

But if Lawrence can't repair your gadget he can still take it off your hands.

"Even if it's not repairable we can recycle so it doesn't get thrown in a landfill because there's batteries involved and that type of thing," Lawrence said.

Lawrence donates most of the recycled phones to troops over seas.

He says the best advice to keep your gadget from being un-repairable? Don't drop it.

See the King work his magic here.