The Vow, QU style

Since the St. Francis Chapel opening, more than 500 couples have gotten married within its walls.

For John and Lisa Fischer,

Quincy University

is more than just the place where they met.

"We were married in October 2004, here, at the Chapel," Lisa said. After 8 years of marriage, the Fischers thought it was time to renew their vows.

"It's like a homecoming for us," Lisa said.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of Quincy University's St. Francis Chapel. Since its opening, more than 500 couples have gotten married within its walls.

Dozens of those love birds gathered at the chapel Sunday morning to renew their vows.

"We haven't been on campus since our wedding," John said. "It's been awhile and it's nice to come back."

This is the first year QU has held a renewal ceremony.

"It recalls for them that special moment that it was for them," Father Ferd Cheri, the priest that lead the renewal ceremony, said. "It also enables them to recommit themselves to again to the vows that they made and as they do it, they do it witnessing the mystery of their married love as they have lived it out for as many years as they've been married."

For some couples, this was their first time renewing their vows. For others like Richard and Pauline Weir, it was their fourth.

"It was kind of special to us, because it's been 55 years," Pauline said. The Weirs were married at the chapel in June of 1957 when Quincy University used to be called Quincy College. "I graduated one Sunday and we got married the next Saturday," Pauline said.

But even after all the years of marriage, saying "I do" again and again never gets old.

"It brings back everything you promised to do," Pauline said.

"It's been great," Richard said.

A lifetime of greatness the Fischers hope to experience as well.

"Hopefully, we can come back when we've been married for 40 some odd years and still see the chapel," John said.