The three f', fun, and football!

It's what football fans around the country have been waiting for...The opening weekend of the NFL Season.

While some chose to hog the tv remote and stay home on their favorite recliner, others came out to the Oakley-Lindsay Civic Center for Quincy's Largest Tailgate Party.

Why?...The three f's...plenty of food, fun, and football...oh and dont' forget beer.

There were four super screens to watch the games, speed gun passing competitions, WII games, including Madden 2010, and so much more.

And the best part...admission was free.

The St. Louis Ram Cheerleaders as well as the Budweiser and Miller Lite Girls paid a visit.

We discovered while everyone may not have come out to root on the same team... they all have something in common.

The reasons behind supporting their favorite team are as unique and individual as they are.

"The reason I like Bret Favre is because I'm named after him, the year I was born he was in the Superbowl, and I was born on the 4th and that's his number," said Brett Landwehr, 11 year old Vikings/Favre fan.

"I came out to see if maybe they were gonna show the Dallas Cowboys game on, but I may be the only Cowboy fan here today, but they'll still show the highlights," said Jessie Perry.