The Real Hunters Wife of Pike County

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Stephanie Hill didn't grow up hunting, she gained interested in the sport 3 years ago.

Calling herself the Real Hunters Wife of Pike County, Hill was less than impressed with the feedback she got while exploring other hunting sites.

"I got a lot of "you need to be back in the kitchen"," Hill said. "So when I started Real Hunters Wives, it was all women who hunted and who also wanted to encourage me to hunt."

Hill's passion for hunting started the same time she started Real Hunters Wives, a social media outlet for hunting wives and supporters to visit.

"We are the ladies who hunt and also who stand by our hunters. We are the back bone of the hunting community and the world is really starting to recognize our presence," Hill said.

Hill is also making a presence in the social media world.

She has more than 55,000 followers on Facebook, not to mention, Instagram, Twitter, her website and blog.

Outfitters, product developers, retailers, sportswomen and and sportsmen alike follow Hill.

"I'm hitting numbers on my facebook that outnumber Quincy," Hill said. "And some of the bigger cities. It's shocking to me. It's nice to see that so many people share the same interest at me."

While Hill understands that not everyone shares her passion, she hopes they understand why people hunt.

"It's not looked at as someone going out and killing, it's looking at it as providing for your family," Hill explained.