The Latino vote in the TriStates

The Arizona Primary is Tuesday and Republican candidates are campaigning hard for the Latino vote.

But will they get the Tri-State Hispanic support?

"I feel that where there is a large population of Hispanics, they will make a difference, said Alda Godines, director of Casa Latina Cultural Center at Western Illinois University.

Arizona is heavily populated with Hispanics, and majority vote democrat. But with the lack of immigration reform during Obama's term, some may sway Republican. That leaves Tuesday's primary a war between the GOP candidates for the Latino vote.

But when it actually comes down to casting that ballot, who are Tri-State Hispanics supporting?

"It's kind of hard because Obama did say he was going to do a lot for us but then again isn't that every president?," said Giovanny Martinez a sophomore at Western Illinois University.

November will be Giovanny Martinez's first time voting in a presidential election, and the candidate with the best campaign gearing towards Hispanics will get his vote.

"It's up for grabs. It's to the best candidate that we see fitted for Latinos, for our benefits, anything for us, of course, we will vote for them," said Martinez.

Despite the criticism Obama has received from the Hispanic community, some are staying loyal to him in hopes of reform during his second term.

"He hasn't done everything he said he was going to do, but I understand that it does take time,"said Luis Campos, graduate assistant to Casa Latina.

"There are certain things you have to go through, and there are going to be people fighting throughout the whole way," he said.

"I don't think the Republicans are really hitting the issues for Hispanics, so I don't think they're going to be swayed," said Godines.

Either way the Hispanic vote will play a big role in the presidential election..maybe even bigger than the last one.

"I think this year, since it finally got through people's heads, 'alright we do matter. Our vote does count,' it might potentially have a bigger impact this election," said Campos.