The latest: Macomb Downtown Revitalization Project

Screenshot from the KHQA Macomb skycam.

Weather permitting, contactors will be removing pavement and patching the outer lane of the southeast quadrant on Thursday, June 29th and Friday, June 30th.

United Contractors Midwest completed the removal of the southeast island and poured concrete in the island on Wednesday.

During this time, the Southeast quadrant will be closed to traffic from S. Randolph Street (Masonic Building) to the corner of E. Jackson Street (Divine Consign). The outer lane of the south side of the Square, in front of Citizens National Bank, will also be closed, with traffic being routed to the inside lane.

All streets will reopen by the end of the work day on Friday, June 30th.

City parking lots are located one block off the Downtown Square in each direction.

The location of these parking lots are as follows: A.R Cooper lot (N/E corner of N. McArthur/W. Jackson), Old Diary (S/W corner of S. Lafayette/Washington), Western Illinois Museum (200 block of S. Lafayette), American Legion (200 block of E. Washington St.), Gelsosomos (200 block E. Calhoun St.), Hardisty Way parking lot (100 block of W. Washington). All city parking lots are marked with “Downtown City Parking” signage.

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