The Hannibal Fire Department's new ladder truck now in service

The Hannibal Police department's new ladder truck is now in service.

The Hannibal Fire Department is now the new owner of a 2016 ladder truck.

They were able to make a deal to trade in their previous 2006 ladder truck to help pay for this new upgraded one.

It arrived at the department in early June and has already been out on some calls.

"We had a frame corrosion issue on our 2006 Pierce ladder truck. We knew it was a problem that was not going to go away and was only going to get worse," explains Chief Sean Hampton.

The fire department and the city officials debated one question.

"Do we fix that truck that was 11 years old, essentially just around half way through its life or do we invest that money into a new truck," says Chief Hampton.

The decision was to trade in their '06 for a 2016 demo truck that met all their requirements.

"We needed a truck that was very maneuverable and this truck fit that bill. We need an arial that can get in and out of tight spots. We needed a minimum 75-foot ladder on top of it. We want the frame rails to be a galvanized dip which virtually eliminates that problem that we had with the last truck with the corrosion issue," explains Hampton.

They expect this truck to last 20 to 25 years.

"We're excited to have it, it's got a lot of great features. I think it's a real plus to have in our community and going to make our community a safer place to live," says Chief Hampton.

There are some new features in this ladder truck that the 2006 did not have.

There are electronic controls that help with the arial movement of the ladder as well as breaking features that activate if the truck starts to lean around a corner or get close to a car.

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