The Hannibal "Dream Catchers" season opener

Dozens of softball fans made their way to Huckleberry Park Saturday where the Dream Catchers held their season opener.

"Five years ago, we had our first game. We had about 15 players and as you can see, it's grown every year," Matt Clark with the Dream Catchers said.

The Dream Catchers game features four innings of softball where everyone bats and everyone fields.

"The best part is watching these kids laugh and have a good time. The second best part is looking out here at the parents and guardians and seeing they're having a good time along with their kids," Clark said.

The program brings together special needs children and adults for an afternoon of friendly competition.

Three-year-old Colt Saxpery prepared for his first season practicing in the yard and watching Cardinals games. He doesn't let his autism interfere with his passion.

"I watched one game and ever since then, he's been flipping channels in his room. He finds the game on and watches it until it's time to go to bed," Michael Saxpery, Colt's father said.

The Dream Catchers will play the next two Saturdays, September 22nd and 29th.

* Story by Josh McGhee