The "DOW" comes to Macomb

The "Doppler on Wheels", or the DOW, is everything a storm-chaser needs when tracking any sort of storm.

The truck that's gained national attention when it comes to storm chasing has made its way to Western Illinois University.

It has been seen on Discovery Channel's "Storm Chasers" television show.

The "Doppler on Wheels", or the DOW, is everything a storm-chaser needs when tracking any sort of storm, such as a tornado or hurricane.

Since it is stopped at WIU, students will get a taste of the real deal. It's something they can't necessarily learn in a classroom.

Redina Herman wanted the best for her students.

And what better way to learn than through professional machinery.

"It's really great giving students real experience working with real equipment and real science. So that they get the knowledge of meteorology that is not in their text book. It's out here and all around us," Herman said.

The DOW has numerous uses when it comes to tracking the weather.

"The DOW started out, these radars were used for tornados and severe weather research. And we still continue to do that, but we also study hurricanes, lake effect snow, wildfires, anything atmospherically related, the DOW is gonna look at," DOW tech Ab Pfeiffer said.

Herman had her students come up with projects involving the DOW.

These projects range from looking into cornfields during harvest, to tracking the weather at a power plant.

The truck is set aside for students in Herman's Principles of Meteorological Instruments Course.

But that didn't stop students outside of the course from taking a tour.

"This is the latest technology out there. Going from the movie Twister where they have those small little radars on their trucks, to this with the high speed technology we do have, this is really important," WIU student Matthew Lawson said.

Herman brought the DOW to WIU by requesting a grant through the National Science Foundation.

The DOW will also stop at some of the high schools and junior high schools around the Macomb and Galesburg area.

It leaves town October 4th.

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