The dangers of shoveling the wrong way

Winter Storm 2011.

Last week's record snowfall has caused more people to overexert themselves shoveling snow. That's causing an increase in doctor visits around the Tri-States.

"We always write down every detail we can when it comes to 'why you're here for the office visit' and it's been about 80 percent shoveling for the last few days," said Becky Grimm with Gem City Chiropractic.

She says the number one cause for the pain is shoveling the wrong way. Many people lean over with too much weight while piling on too much snow. The worst thing to do is to twist your back, instead of turning your whole body in one direction. But there are signs to be aware of.

"If the pain goes beyond 48 hours or if you start noticing severe sharp pain or pain, numbness or tingling going down into the legs, feet, or toes, please seek a chiropractic care immediately. That is a definite sign that there's spinal issues," said Dr. Nicole Paxton with Gem City Chiropractic.

Dr. Paxton says more than likely, the pain you experience is muscle pain and should go away on its own. But if it doesn't, you need to see a doctor.