The Culture of Crossfit: Fitness trend takes off locally and nationally

Whether you've heard your friends talk about it or seen it on TV, the term 'Crossfit' is probably nothing new to you. But what exactly is it?

"High intensity workouts,"

"Its a full-body intensified workout,"

"It's team-based, competitive,"

"Its about finding your limits, pushing beyond them and discovering that you're stronger than you really are,"

Crossfit's prevalence has spiked recently on a national level, and locally, gyms like Shadow Crossfit of Quincy are growing in popularity. That's not to say Crossfit is better than other methods of working out - that's not the goal. It does, however, provide a different twist on going to the gym.

"It works the whole body. You're going to get everything from the ground up, it also focuses on flexibility because of stretching before and after the workout,"

"This is something that keeps my interest going every day because you never know what you'll be doing. It mixes up the weighlifting with conditioning, and every day after 45 minutes you feel great,"

"Our goal is what we call the 'hopper effect' in crossfit. That means I can throw things like weightlifting, running, or gymnastics into a hopper, pull something out and have a crossfitter be pretty good at just about everything,"

The duration of a typical Crossfit class varies, but its usually comprised of three parts: a full-body warmup and cool down, with a high-intensity sprint in between. For this particular class, the sprint lasted 10 minutes. That's where the real challenge comes in.

"It's very hard. It's more about listening to your body and not your mind. Your mind will tell you that you've had enough, but if you listen to your body you can push through it and get through the workout,"

"You know going into it that the first couple of reps are going to be easy so you push yourself hard, and then you really get tested about halfway through,"

"Most people come in here and may hate the workout, but every single day they're thankful they came in here and did it,"

Clients admit the high-intensity portion is grueling. But they keep coming back for more. That's partly because of the team environment Crossfit can also provide. Regardless of skill level, everybody does the same workout and tracks progress.

"The first thing I always do is look at the board, look at the numbers and find out where I need to push myself. If my team is doing it, there's no reason why I can't do it,"

Crossfit is definitely something different. And although it may not be for everyone, anybody is welcome to give it a shot.

"The big thing about Crossfit is the community behind it. A lot of people that come here for a long period of time end up calling it a family thing rather than just going to work out. Its becomes more of a lifestyle rather than something you do every day,"