The British are coming and they're teaching us Football

It was all about football Monday in Hannibal ... but not the kind you're thinking of.

Hannibal Parks and Recreation held its annual British Challenger Soccer Camp.

"We're learning like scissors which is a cool moved that I just now learned and how to balance your ball up on your knees and how to freestyle it with your foot," Kate Maune, a second time camper said.

Maune is just one of the 50 kids that will be learning fundamental soccer skills during the week long camp. But their British instructors are teaching them something off the field, too.

"Kids learn a lot about different countries throughout the camp," Andrew Smith, director of British Soccer Camp said. "At the end of the day, they all take part in a world cup tournament and they all get in teams and assignments to do when they go home. So if your team is Argentina you have to bring back fact about that country and you get points."

"Parks and Rec wants to do things that expose Hannibal children to other things that they can't see in their normal everyday lives," Mary Lynn Richards, of Hannibal Parks and Recreation said. "So we give them a chance to learn about soccer and we give them a chance to learn about different cultures."

And it seems like the kids are taking it all in.

"In England instead of saying soccer, they say football," Maune said.

And the instructors are learning too.

"Back home, we see a lot of Hollywood and you come here and its going to be like that then you come to a small town," Smith said. "it's pretty different but everyone's really friendly so we all enjoy it pretty well."

Over 150,000 players participate in the British Challenger Soccer Camp in the U.S. and Canada.

If your child is interested in participating, there is still time to join.

Just show up anytime this week at the Norfolk and Southern Sports Complex in Hannibal at 9 a.m. to register.