The Big Heat is on in Adams County

Second annual Big Heat Extreme Obstacle Course

Over in Adams County, kids challenged a course that takes blood, sweat and shoes from you.

The second annual Big Heat Extreme Obstacle Course event took place at the Adams County Fair.
And this year, it was even bigger, and even muddier.

The Big Heat Extreme Obstacle course draws the fans in with the challenge itself, but keeps you watching with the mud.

"We added a lot more real mud. Last year all the kids said they love the mud. Add more mud," Lisa Neisen with Blessing Health Systems said.

The event was sponsored by Blessing Health Systems.

Eighteen teams of four competed in the obstacle course.

The competitors had to do things such as balance on beams, flip and roll tractor tires and struggle not to lose your shoes in the mud pits.

"It's a great community event. And Blessing supports the fair. It has been a tradition here for 72 years. So we want to support the community and Adams County, and this is a great way for us to be involved," Neisen said.

The goal of the event is to keep kids around the area active.

"There is no profit. It's basically Blessing is sponsoring this to really help improve the health of our community and to get kids active and get them out moving and doing things. So I think we have achieved our goal," Neisen said.

There were two age divisions for the event.

Sixth to eighth graders and ninth to twelfth graders. Winners from each division received a medal.