Thanksgiving meal brings families to school

Hundreds had the chance to have a family meal Wednesday.

Madison Park Christian Church and Washington Elementary School in Quincy hosted the annual Family Thanksgiving Dinner.

Kids could bring moms, dads, siblings, and even grandparents to eat a Thanksgiving meal together.

Last year volunteers served more than 400 guests a turkey dinner.

"It's really fun and it's grown every year. We did it about 3-4 years ago and it was mostly students and a few of their parents and last year I would guess we served 450 people. This year they're expecting 800," Chuck Sackett, preacher at Madison Park Christian Church said

Community volunteers wanted to make sure all families had a chance to enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving meal.

"I think what they do is a good way of bringing families together and it really keeps us close and it really keeps us happy because we like to have opportunities to go to events like this," Miranda Mosley explained. Mosley met her younger brother at school for Thanksgiving.

Madison Park Church helps out at Washington Elementary throughout the year. It sends backpacks of food home with students for the weekend.