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      Terry Asher to John Sullivan: Ad campaign is false

      Illinois Senator John Sullivan says that he will take down and replace a controversial television ad against his opponent for the 47the Senate District race Randy Frese .

      Just before KHQA's Tuesday 10 p.m. newscast, Senator Sullivan called KHQA with the news.

      Adams County Treasurer Terry Asher says a campaign ad by the Friends of John Sullivan was inaccurate.

      The ad claimed that Randy Frese, the Republican candidate for the 47th Senate District, failed to pay his real estate taxes 20 times.

      The ad cited the Adams County Treasurer as the source of the allegation.

      Asher says this was a false account of Frese's tax records.

      He says Frese made a payment a couple of days late with $56 in late fees attached to it.

      In a stack of records that go back 25 years, Asher says that was the only instance that records show Frese had any discrepancies with his taxes.

      Sullivan told KHQA that his campaign went with the information it originally received for the ad. But since Treasurer has brought forth new information, he will make sure the add is changed as quickly as possible.