Teens suspected of car burglary rash arrested

Dustin Russell, 17

The Adams County Sheriff's Department has arrested five teenagers in connection with the rash of car burglaries around Quincy the last couple of months.

Deputies arrested 17 year-old Dustin Russell of 1137 North 11th Street in Quincy, eighteen year-old Jacob Lovelace of 639 Ohio of Quincy and 18 year-old Alex Whitehead of 306 East Arbell in Lewistown, Missouri.

They are in the Adams County Jail awaiting court appearances.

Two juvenile males were also arrested and are being held in the Adams County Youth Home.

All five are being charged with burglary to a motor vehicle.

Sheriff Brent Fischer says they may have been responsible for up to 50 car burglaries in the past several weeks and months.

After weeks of investigation, The Adams County Sheriff's Department got a break in the case July 30 as Deputy Randy Huseman was responding to a car burglary near this area of 24th and Payson Road. That's when he saw a suspicious man walking down the road.

Sheriff Fischer said, "And stopped and took the time to talk to the individual and got his information and he became a person of interest. Through the investigation of a lot of people and a lot of agencies we were able to come to an arrest."

Another lead arose when a victim contacted the Sheriff's department, after spotting his or her stolen items at a Pawn Shop in West Quincy. Then working with the Lewis and Marion County sheriff department's, Sheriff Brent Fischer says it became apparent that the burglary ring or rings stretched much further....all the way to Lewis County.

That led to the arrest of 18 year-old Alex Whitehead of Lewistown. Sheriff Fischer says deputies still have not determined if all the car burglaries in the area are connected to these suspects or if there are multiple burglary rings operating in Adams County. The case is still under investigation.

The investigation is ongoing.

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