Teens arrested after four vehicles stolen

Two teens were arrested after allegedly stealing four vehicles.

The Pike County Sheriff's Department says a 16-year-old and 17-year-old broke into more than 20 cars in Pittsfield, stealing anything of value.

Following the burglaries, the 16-year-old allegedly took a car that was parked on Memorial Street and the vehicle was wrecked at the intersection of St. Hwy 100 and Vin Fiz.

The subject left, leaving the vehicle in an open field and allegedly went to steal a second vehicle and then additionally a third vehicle after wrecking the second. That vehicle was rendered inoperable as well so a fourth vehicle was allegedly stolen and subsequently wrecked.

After departing the final wreck on foot and walking towards Milton, the subject was picked up by the Milton Fire Chief who was aware the subject was wanted by authorities and turned him over to a deputy approximately 100 feet from where he picked him up.

The Pike County Sheriff's Department says both subjects cooperated with law enforcement. However, there are many possible thefts which occurred and victims may not have noticed yet.

There were thefts from more than 20 vehicles in Pittsfield at the following locations:

Clarksville RoadWalnut StreetWalnut CourtSycamore StreetMason StreetProspect StreetFayette StreetGreen Acres Moteltowards Hardees

Pike County Sheriff Paul Petty asks you to check your vehicles and report any missing items in the event they have been recovered. Please contact the Pike County sheriff's office at 217-285-5011.

The 16-year-old currently is in the Adams County Youth Home. Other charges are pending on the 17-year-old.