Tastes of the Tri-States: Schuyler County

Roger's Bakery has been a staple in Rushville, Illinois for the last three decades.

Serving sweet tooths everywhere, there's a reason it was voted the best place to eat in Schuyler County.

"People come from Quincy and Peoria and places some 60 miles a way we never dreamed of. They come to Rushville and they stop at Roger's Bakery and they take bakery goods home," said Roger Wrench, owner.

From cookies and cakes to pies and fresh bread, you can get just about any desert at Roger's Bakery.

What do you come here for? "Cup of coffee and a donut and sometimes lunch," said Charles Knuth.

Roger began serving up lunch about 5 years ago. Since then, it's become very popular among the locals, but nothing beats the sweets.

"My favorite thing would have to be the homemade pies.I consider pies to be my specialty item. All the crust and fillings are made from scratch," said Wrench.

The local favorites are apple and cherry, though Roger says his favorite is pecan pie.

"I'll tell anyone to come to Roger's and get their pies. It's the best place ever. I can make them at home, but why go through the trouble when they do it here," said Mable Knuth.

"We try to do everything the way you would do it at home. We make everything from scratch," said Wrench.

Aside from the pies, how about some homemade donuts, or mounds of iced sugar cookies and chocolate crinkle cookies?

Satisfying your sweet tooth also comes with great service and a family atmosphere.

"You get a customer relationship and it stays," said Charles Knuth.

That's held true for almost 30 years. One couple who remembers their very first visit here is proof of that.

"Remember the first time we came and it was small and they were out of donuts by 10 o'clock?" said Charles Knuth.

Not much has changed in the last 30 years and customers like that. But Roger says change will eventually come.

"It's been here this long and I'll probably retire in another 10 to 15 years, I expect," said Wrench.

And when that time comes, "I'm going to retire Roger's Bakery and that'll be it," said Wrench.

But until then, "I'd say if you want some quality bakery goods, come to Roger's. It's where you'll find it," said Mable Knuth.