Tastes of the Tri-States: Pike County, Missouri

Rudy's Restaurant may be one of the newest additions to the Bowling Green area, but it's already getting rave reviews from its customers.

In KHQA's latest Tastes of the Tri-States poll, this quaint home style restaurant took home 57 percent of your votes. It's where Brooke Hasch stopped in for lunch this week.

"We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. We serve breakfast all day long, which the customers really like," Carole Ann St. Clair said.

"I come here every day for the breakfast and the atmosphere. They treat you like you're at home," Ray Carroll said.

"They're friendly, good food and friends, and they've been here for a long time through their father and on up," Diane Dixon said.

The hottest dish on the menu at Rudy's is the McCormick family's famous tenderloins, started by their father Rudy more than 15 years ago.

"Our tenderloins started out in a camper. Our father pounded them and sold them on the side of the road. The truck drivers had a CB radio and would order them ahead of time and pick it up on the way to deliver grain," Wendy McCormick said.

The family's camper became such a popular pit stop in Louisiana, they eventually moved their business to Bowling Green, bringing with them the same recipes.

"It's secret. It's been a recipe of mine for quite a while, me and my dad's," Clay McCormick said.

"I come here because of the huge tenderloins and they're really good and because of the great fish. That's my main meal," Jim Grimes said.

Coming in a close second is the family's best catfish.

"It's just like home cooking. Like back in the old days, we've just got a small restaurant," McCormick said.

"I love the food. The chicken philly tastes the best. The buns are just right. Cheese is melted perfectly," Cindy Martin said.

Rudy's has only been in Bowling Green since August of last year, but its customers and long-time friends hope it becomes a staple.

"I would love to see this stay here. My husband and I enjoy it immensely," Dixon said.

"I want to thank Bowling Green for opening their arms, and I want to say thanks for voting for us. KHQA, Tastes of the Tri-States!" St. Clair said.

Rudy's Restaurant

202 S Business Highway 61

Bowling Green, Mo.