Tastes of the Tri-States: Ogo's Restaurant in Keokuk

KHQA's in our third week traveling around the Tri-States for the best tastes around. This one's for food lovers in the Keokuk area.

Last week, we asked you to pick your favorite place to eat in town and then had you vote on the best.

"Oh, the chicken's awesome," said Debbie Symmonds. "It's the best chicken I've ever eaten, ever."

"The fried chicken, yes, is really good. I go toward that a lot," said Rodger Newberry, a customer of Ogo's about four to five times a week.

"We have chicken night's on Monday and Wednesday night," said Ogo's owner Kevin Gregory. "We serve probably 300 to 400 chickens a week."

If that's not enough for you, there's always room for Wali, and if you're wondering what makes it so special...

"It's actually cooked in chicken breading, not fish breading. Why? I have no idea. When we started here, we used fish breading and one of the guys said, no you have to use chicken breading! I was like, are you serious? And sure enough it's really good. You can see the golden yellow color to it, so you know the oil is good and fresh. If other people cook in old oil, then their breading will come out a brown color," said Gregory.

Ogo's prides itself on the freshness and variety of tastes throughout its menu.

"I make homemade tenderloins. I hand bread them myself. We do all your regulars, hamburgers, hot roast beef with potatoes and gravy. Those are really popular. But 95% of our business is the buffet. People can go up there and get a better selection," said Gregory.

So how does it feel being voted the number one taste in town?

"Our customers are like family to us. We feel very humbled," said Gregory.