Tastes of the Tri-States: Lewis County, Missouri

It's time to eat! A perfect time to check out this week's number one spot to dine in Lewis County, Missouri. We asked you to pick your favorite place. This week, we traveled to Canton's Riverside Smoke House and Grill for our Tastes of the Tri-States.

"Soon as we come in the door, they say, 'oh we have the decaf all ready for you,' and we know them all by name and they know ours," said Kaye Dodd, a loyal customer.

This family joint's a one of a kind in Canton, Missouri. It's got the business to prove it.

"We have great locals throughout the week and then on the weekends, we're lucky enough to have people coming over from Quincy and sometimes as far from Canada with people on vacation, because somebody told them to stop by while hunting," said Stephanie Rieffer, co-owner.

"We just hang out. Sometimes, we'll have ten or twelve of us and it's just a great place. In fact, sometimes three times a week. And sometimes it gets really good and we're here for breakfast and lunch," said Dodd.

"I think it's fun and upbeat, and relaxing at the same time. There's little nooks and crannies you can get away to, to have peaceful environment to have a great meal," said Ken Rieffer, co-owner.

And check out the menu. If there's one favorite amongst this crowd...

"As far as barbeque, probably brisket, melt in your mouth. Then my next favorite's our burgers. Really great burgers piled high with onion straws," said Stephanie Rieffer.

"The ribs are wonderful because you get the corn on the cob and all the side dishes. They're just the best. Now, they have the big cinnamon rolls. This is just the best place in Canton. We just love it here," said Dodd.

This isn't the first time this smokehouse has been recognized for it's cuisine.

"We have many things on the menu that's outstanding. We've got a three pig sandwich which is a bed of bacon, a pile of smokes pork topped with smoked ham and cole slaw as well, so there's many creative things on the menu. We've got the best bread pudding around.Award winning tenderloins and wings," said Ken Rieffer.

"We're just thankful to be here. It's been a wonderful two years and we appreciate everyone's support," said Stephanie Rieffer.

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