Tastes of the Tri-States: Elder's in Quincy

Elder's in Quincy.

KHQA's traveling the Tri-States for the best food and drink in town. We asked you to tell us what place excited your taste buds the most in the Quincy area, then had you vote on the best.

"People really think this is what makes the steaks. We put a weight on them and that really helps cook them," said Sue Nichols, an employee with Elder's for 31 years. "Our steaks are always fresh and our chicken comes in never frozen."

"The Elder's steak (a 6 ounce ribeye) and of course our fried chicken are the two biggest competitors for the most popular item," said Tim Vogel, Elder's General Manager.

"People come from all over and say they've heard of our chicken," said Nichols. "Roasted chicken is under pressure and that just gives it a whole better flavor and just cooks it a lot better."

Thirteen minutes later, a round of Elder's famous chicken and fries are served.

"We do a lot of homemade stuff that sets us apart from the cookie cutter franchises and it's a real honor that people have recognized that," said Vogel.