Tastes of the Tri-States: Clark County

Clark County, Missouri takes the spotlight on our dining guide this week.

We asked you what place tickled your taste buds and had you vote for the best. In the small town of Wayland, Missouri, you'll come across Reed's Bar and Grill, but don't be fooled by the name.

"When we first started, we thought we were just going to have a bar, somewhere to stop and have a drink. That's when it evolved more into the dining. Well, we'd already chosen the name so we decided not to go ahead and change the name. It really is more of a family establishment,"said Shana Reed, owner.

"In the middle of a little old town, nobody thinks it would have a nice diner, but I think that's what's unique about it," said Gary Trump, customer.

Reed's has been a part of the Clark County scene for the past seven years.

"We're in between Kahoka, Revere, St. Francisville, Keokuk and Canton. So if people want to take a 15-20 minute drive, they find themselves here," said Reed.

"It's kind of a stopping point in the county. They seem to mingle here and if you want to bump into somebody or find a contact they're here usually," said John Winkelman. "We get the special, a kind of comfort food. Roast pork, potatoes, carrots and onions."

It's just one of the many specials on the menu.

"Most of the time, I get a burger and chips, which are the best homemade chips I've ever had," said Barrie Pannett, a St. Louis resident that comes to town often.

Once you try something on the menu, you're pretty much guaranteed it'll be there when you come back. Reed's isn't a fan of change.

"They find their favorite and when they walk in the door you know exactly what they're going to eat," said Reed.

"Spare ribs...and Mmmm are they really good," said Pat Dochterman, who's worked at Reed's for the past five years. "I'm serious, when my husband and I decide to eat out and it's just us, that's what we have. They're just my favorite."

"I like the tenderloin, because actually, I can eat half of it and take the rest home and have it for another meal, because it's a huge tenderloin," said Andrew Leichty, a Monmouth resident.

It's specials like these that keep everyone coming back for more.

"I've been coming up here for thirty years and there have been restaurants that have opened and closed, but this one has great food and really good prices," said Pannett.

"I hope it's here long after I'm gone," said Trump.

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