Tastes of the Tri-States: Chubby's in Macomb

A new restaurant in Macomb claims it brings together Midwestern and Southern fare.

You may recognize the blue house on West Adams St. as the old Phoenix. The former music shop is now the new dinner hot spot.

"We're so close to the students and the main drag, so we can get the locals and the students in together," Tammy Yates, co-owner said.

Chubby's offers a variety of flavors from the Windy City, to Kentucky and points in between.

"We have a lot of things you might get in Chicago that you may not see out here, or in other places, like our Kentucky Hot Brown," Robert Stochl, manager said.

From Italian beef and Chicago dogs to horseshoes and ponies, you'll enjoy Chubby's homemade white cheese sauce that can top just about anything.

"The food is great. A lot of things are homemade. So, you have a lot of good comfort foods," Bruce Hasdall, a customer said. "There's no other place like it in Macomb."

"You'll notice all the stuff on the walls. People tend to enjoy all the little, funny things, the quirkiness of it," Stochl said.

You can bet you won't be greeted by the Simpsons when you eat anywhere else, or get to hang out with the Cat in the Hat.

Your dining experience becomes even more interesting when you take a closer look at the bar and tables.

"We made them out of bowling lanes. There was a bowling lane that closed in Peoria and one of our owners bought some bowling lanes," Stochl said.

There's one dish in particular that has customers striking out one by one.

"We've had a few people try our Chubby Challenge, which is two feet of hotdog sectioned into three parts: The Chicago dog, the chili cheese dog and the slaw dog. Add a pile of fries on top. We've had a few people try it and they've come close, but they couldn't finish it," Stochl said.

Whether you're up for the challenge or maybe a simple horseshoe, make your next lunch or dinner date at Chubby's.

"It's a place where they can have a great time, have a great meal, enjoy a cocktail and have fun," Yates said.

"Definitely glad it's here," Hasdall said.

Chubby's is open seven days a week for lunch and dinner. You can order in or carry out.