Tastes of the Tri-States: Adams County

It was our largest Tastes of the Tri-States poll yet. Twenty-four restaurants in Adams County made your list of favorites.

You voted and with 46 percent of the vote, named Sprout's Inn as your number one pick for this week's Tastes of the Tri-States.

"Sprout's has been here since 1940. It was started with my grandfather, who was nicknamed sprout," Jennifer Wiemelt said.

Sprout's started out as a bar on Broadway and then moved to its current location off north 12th street. From the moment you walk in, you can see how history has changed it's look. But there's one thing that remains the same.

"Everybody knows your name here. Everybody's well-known here. We have people that come in two to three times a day even, if not two to three times a week, so we have a lot of regulars and we enjoy having them here," Wiemelt said.

Even people just passing through Quincy won't leave without stopping in.

"I come up here from St.Louis and it's really one of the better places to go to," Chuck Zieres from St. Louis said.

As for it's best seller?

"I would have to say our homemade pies. We make them fresh here every morning.We have the soup, sandwich and pie special for lunch," Wiemelt said.

"Just about every single thing here is homemade. From the pies to the mashed potatoes which they make all day long, the gravy...everything is homemade," Jill Foley said.

"Steaks, tenderloins pork chops, butterfly chops. We're really well known for our roast beef," Wiemelt said.

"My favorite dish that I come to Sprouts for? Well they're really known for their chicken but I think my favorite dish would probably be their roast beef," Holt said.

"French dip, I get it every time I come," Zieres said.

Food, friends and three generations of's a combination that drew in 46 percent of your votes.

"It was a great honor. My dad passed away in January, so I really wish he was here to enjoy this with me, but I know he's smiling down on me, so everything's good," Wiemelt said.