Tastes of the Tri-States: Drakes Steak and Ale in Hannibal

KHQA's traveling the Tri-States for the best food and drink in town.

Throughout the week, we asked you to tell us what place excited your taste buds the most in Hannibal, then had you vote on the best.

KHQA's Brooke Hasch takes us to Drakes Steak and Ale for this week's Tastes of the Tri-States.

"We smoke everything right here on site so everything's fresh," said co-owner Tim Hart. "Right now, we've got pork steaks that we're smoking. We've got her loaded down pretty good right now. We're getting caught up on ribs. These will smoke for about 5 hours total."

And then it's back to the kitchen.

"We're finishing off the ribs. We'll bring them up to temp. and lather them up really good with our homemade barbeque sauce," said Hart. "From out appetizers to our desserts to breadings, everything for the most part is made right here."

"My favorite is their BBQ chicken sandwich. It's absolutely outstanding. I've also had the opportunity to eat here in the evening. Their steaks are very good," said Jeff Hogge, a customer at Drakes.

"This is a cowboy cut. You leave the bone in and it gives it a lot of flavor. We grill everything over oak wood. In the smoker we use primarily hickory," said Hart. "Our biggest seller is smoked prime rib."

It's a special that's served up only once a week ... every Wednesday evening after 4.

"All of our appetizers are made from scratch. We don't take anything out of a box," said co-owner Kevin Howell. "Our sampler platter's probably our most popular. My favorite thing? I can't hardly get away from the smokes pork steak."

"I've never had a bad meal from them at all. It's always outstanding."

It's what keep customers coming back for a smokin' good time.

"They come and go happy and full," said Howell.

Next week, Brooke will travel to Southeast Iowa to showcase your number one pick. But you have to vote, so until we eat again, visit our Tastes of the Tri-States page where you can vote on next week's pick from Keokuk!

Next Thursday at six, we'll introduce the winner!