Tastes of National Tom Sawyer Days

Where there's National Tom Sawyer Days, there's bound to be that one food stand you just can't pass up.

During a week like this, with triple digit temperatures, that's exactly where KHQA's Brooke Hasch found herself indulging in some sugary goodness.

"This is it! This is fourth of July in Hannibal, Missouri! There's nothing else like being in Hannibal, the home of Tom Sawyer, Mark Twain. How much more Americana can you get?" Lee Stevens, a Hannibal vendor said.

It's not a fair without the food.

"Everybody loves a corn dog and everybody loves a funnel cake," Stevens said.

And of course, there's a secret to each.

"The corn dogs are a secret recipe, about 70-years-old. Frankie and Tammy are still using the same recipe, and actually, they're getting quite famous for that recipe," Stevens said.

And more creative. How about a red velvet funnel cake?

"It's got fabulous icing on it, powdered sugar, and then we have a Boston cream funnel cake with Boston cream, cherry or strawberry toppings and chocolate. It's a killer," Stevens said.

The list goes on, from Elephant Ears, Cotton Candy, and curly fries and then, there's the lemonade.

"Real, old-time Hannibal, Missouri hand-shaken lemonades. Fresh lemons, fresh squeezed, real sugar, sparkling clean water, and lots of ice. Can't get any better than that," Stevens said.

So if you haven't yet tried any of these delicious treats, come on down. We're just getting started.

"I hope we see everybody in town here. I hope all the tourists come out and everybody partakes in all the activities. There's so much going on here, and it's free. How could you beat that!" Stevens said.

National Tom Sawyer Days goes until Sunday.