'Tar Dog' rescued from certain death

The tar dog gets cleaned off after his rescue.

UPDATED: August 30 at 1:30 p.m.

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He now resides with Mary Dyroff from Lone Tree, Iowa and has a fun new name.


There was an amazing rescue in Keokuk.

During one of the hottest weeks of the year, one little dog found himself fighting for his life.

A man who was at the golf course looking for golf balls heard the cries from the dog.

He found the dog covered in tar, all you could see was one of his eyes, his snout and ear.

The little dog now known as Tar Dog was trapped in Keokuk's old landfill and became stuck in gooey tar.

The little fifteen pound Dachshund-Beagle somehow got through the fence. Rescuers had to pry him out with boards positioned under him in the tar. Once out he was taken to Krichel Animal Hospital where he was re-hydrated and cleaned.

"Dog was lucky, if that person wouldn't have heard him and called police he would not have made it," said Animal Control Officer Eric Lindley.

Tar Dog is currently recuperating at Keokuk Animal Services where he continues to shed the tar still clinging to parts of his body, healing the wounds to his body caused by the tar and resting to regain his strength.

Keokuk Animal Control are not sure who the owners are ... or if the dog even has owners.

Friends of Keokuk Animal Services is trying to raise funds to pay Tar Dog's veterinary care and treatment. Anyone interested in contributing to Tar Dog's care can send donations to FOKAS, P. O. Box 1181, Keokuk, IA.

This little guy needs a home, so if you would like information, contact Jean Meyer with FOKAS at 319-524-1127 or 319-526-5421.