'Tar Dog' has a happy new life

The tar dog gets cleaned off after his rescue. / Keokuk Animal Services

It's a story that tugged on the heartstrings of animal lovers all over the Tri-states.

You'll recall earlier this month we told you about a Keokuk dog rescued from a tar pit.

A passerby heard the dog ... and then saw it trapped, covered in tar. All you could see was one of his eyes, his snout and ear.

But now this dog has a new lease on life. Mary Dyroff from Lone Tree, Iowa heard his story on tv and contacted Keokuk Animal Services.

She says it was love at first sight. Mary and her husband adopted the little Dachshund-Beagle known as 'Tar Dog' and renamed him Remus.

We talked with her Tuesday.

She says Remus is healthy and beautiful. Dyroff says he fits in well with her family and her four other dogs.

Recently he went to the vet for shots and got an ear cleaning too. The veterinarian found some remnants of tar that got into the hard to reach ear area.

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