Talks continue on Westview expansion

The preliminary plan to add a new golfing option to Quincy's Westview Golf Course may get expanded.

The expansion could bring in extra business to the club and provide a complete golfing experience for those who use it.

Although only in the discussion phase at this time, the original idea was to develop an executive par 3 course.

But Quincy Park District Executive Director Ed Seger says that at last Wednesday nights Park Board meeting the idea was discussed to expand that proposed course into what is being called and executive course.

Seger says, "We'd be able to retain at lead 4 par four holes and the remaining par 3. Potentially we could even have a 5th par 4 but we haven't gotten quite to that level of detail because we haven't even decided to do this yet."

Seger stresses that all the discussions are extremely preliminary at this stage.

The Park Board also looked at some early drawings of what the executive course could look like.