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      Taking proactive steps to prevent EAB infestation in Macomb

      The City of Macomb wants to stop the emerald ash borer before it gets a chance to infest any trees in McDonough County.

      Tim Howe is the Macomb City forester and he says there is now a ban on any firewood brought into the Spring Lake Park area.

      The new rules in place now say any firewood that isn't shrink wrapped and approved by the U-S-D-A will be confiscated and burned immediately.

      He says the destructive beetle is carried to parts of the country in firewood that's brought from an area under quarantine.

      "And just this Monday, the city council sponsored a resolution and basically what it does, it bans all outside firewood from being brought into Spring Lake with the exception of U-S-D-A certified firewood," said Howe.

      For more information about the emerald ash bore and to see maps showing the quarantined area, you can log onto the states website which is w . w . w . illinoiseab . com