Taking a walk down memory lane

Quincy history buffs gathered at Emerson Community Center for a walk down memory lane.

"It bring back a lot of great memories," said Jackie Dill a Quincy resident.

Jackie Dill has lived in Quincy for over fifty years and this picture booth was like a walk down memory lane for her and others.

"Especially for people like me who are getting older we start looking back on our history and what is the meaning of life and it's an opportunity for us to determine our relationship with others in our community," said Reg Ankrom, executive director at the Historical Society of Quincy.

The Historical Society of Quincy partnered up the Quincy Park District to host an Amateur History Road Show.

"It's a great opportunity for local residents to share their photographs their family artifacts any that really has a tie to the local Quincy or Adams county history," said Mark Callawy, recreation supervisor for the Quincy Park District.

While attendance seemed low for this first time event, organizers say it could be because history is an acquired taste.

"Much like asparagus you have to become interested in it," said Ankrom.

"Once you're interested in it like this old guy you get hooked."

But those that did attended, liked what they saw on their plate.

"This here is the best booth so far today," said Dill.