Take on a haunted maze in Hannibal

The Clear Creek Subdivision in Hannibal allows kids and adults of all ages to take haunted tours through a maze that is guaranteed to spook a few.

Sunday, a group from Hannibal's Youth Wrestling gave KHQA a sneak peak at what would be most scary after dark. The tour takes about 20 minutes to walk through. We asked visitors what they thought of the maze once they arrived out alive.

"It was freaky, good times," said Ray Meyer, from Ursa.

"There's an electric chair! There's a whole bunch of dead people in the trees," said Vince Shupe.

"There's a chain saw guy and these trolls right by the bridge," said Mason Smith. "It gets better every year."

"This haunted maze was pretty cool," said Danie Shupe.

"What's the most fun part about it? 'Pretty much making people pee their pants,'" said Tyler Wilson, who was joined by his friends Carter Smith and Trevor Wilson.

When you're finished with the maze, you can also choose to take on scavenger hunt in a corn maze and pick pumpkins, to name a couple. Click here for all the activities at Clear Creek.