Take Golden Globes trends to your closet

The Sweet Apricot Shop owner, Sara Platt says bringing award show fashion to your everyday life is a lot easier than you think.

The Golden Globes' red carpet was was filled with glamorous dresses and top designer labels. And while we can't all have the same clothing budget as a a celebrity, we can have their red carpet styles.

The Sweet Apricot Shop owner Sara Platt says bringing award show fashion to your everyday life is a lot easier than you think.

"Just take somebody that you found, ask yourself what about it did you like and then find a way to simply incorporate it to the things you already have or look for those things in different stores," Platt said.

One of the biggest trends of the red carpet was deep colors and pulling it off is simple.

"Do something a little bit darker then we normally see," Platt said. "Get rid of the pastels and bring in something that's a little bit cooler and then maybe pair it back with a pastel."

But there was one color that was a definite show stopper.

"Optic white which I loved," Platt said. "Anne Hathaway's dress was gorgeous. Instead of doing softer nudes or a creamy egg shell do a bright white."

Geometric structure was another hot trend but instead of looking for the shape, opt for ...
"Prints that are kind of fun and out of the ordinary," Platt said. "Don't do a lot of solid colors this spring, bring in things that are really funky and show off the different cuts that the designers showed."

No matter what trend your try, Platt says it's all about taking risks.

"The celebs that got talked about, got talked about because they did something a little loud, a little crazy and that's what you need to do," Platt said. "Get out of your comfort zone, find something you saw on a red carpet, find something you saw a celebrity wearing and try it."

And if you don't like it, don't worry award season is just starting. There are still plenty of trends to tackle.