Take action against texting and driving

You've heard all the horror stories on tv about crashes and statistics. You've even heard KHQA talk about our Just Let It Ring campaign where you can pledge to not text and drive and enter to win a free car.

Did you know that there are ways you can take action to stop yourself or others from texting while driving?

- Put your phone out of reach while behind the wheel- Have a designated texter in the car with you- Install voice to text software on some phones- Install software that will just disable texting from some phones

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If you are tempted to text and drive, there's new software to stop you, or your teenager, from breaking the law.

A new app uses GPS technology to limit phone access while driving.

It's a valuable tool you can use to Just Let It Ring.

Phone Guard is software you put on your smart phone that makes your phone unusable during certain times.

Brian Jones says, "Once you install the software, it creates a threshold as far as when you reach a certain speed limit, it disables any texting or incoming calls."

It costs $29.99 per phone and it's a one time fee. But it has to be installed on a smart phone in order to work.

Jones says, "It is useless until you come to a complete stop. There's no texting. You can do emergency calls like 911."

It will also send a text message back to the person who sent one to you telling them you are not available right now because you're driving.

One other feature of the Phone Guard parents may be interested in, you can get a text if your child is disobeying any traffic laws like speeding or swerving.

This software works with any phone provider, and is basically a card with a product key. Once you install it on your phone and set it to your specifications, the GPS chip in your phone takes care of the rest.

Jones says, "Most smart phone are GPS capable. What it does is it links up with the GPS and it actually tracks latitude, longitude, and altitude. It tracks as far as your speed when you stop, everything pertaining to GPS."

Check your cell phone provider to see if they offer this product.

It's also available on line at